Thank you for choosing I Dream of Cleaning Company.  Our policies are in effect to protect both you, the clients, and myself/business.  Please read the following before hiring I Dream of Cleaning Company.


  • * Our prices generally start at $30 per hour for our services. A minimum of an hour is required    for most services.  Exceptions may be made.

  • * Payment is due in full when services are completed. A receipt can be provided at the client’s    request.

  • * Payment must be made by cash or check. We do not accept credit cards at this time.

  • * We are currently accepting residential and commercial jobs, and jobs with recurring                   assignments.

  • * CANCELLATIONS by the client are gong to happen. Try to give us at least 24 hours before your appointment to cancel. But we understand things happen.  NO CANCELLATION FEE will be applied unless a customer does not contact us at all to cancel. Effectively, a no call , no show will be charged $25

  • * CONDUCT: I Dream of Cleaning Company shall be courteous, not eat, use profanity, watch TV, use the computer or any other property for personal reasons while cleaning the residence or         commercial property.

  • * If I Dream of Cleaning must cancel or reschedule the appointment for some reason, they will make every effort to give the client the maximum possible notice and to reschedule to the        client’s convenience.

  • * Any returned check will result in a $30 service charge. No exceptions. 

  • * Should any member of your household require the use of syringes, please insure that they are disposed of safely. Any secure container like a coffee can be used to store used syringes      and/or needles prior to final trash disposal. Any unexpected stab by an insecure needle can        pose serious health concerns to our staff.

  • * We love pets! We have family members that are pets and I Dream of Cleaning loves pets too.            However, please crate your pets if aggressive in any way for our safety. We are not                  responsible for any injuries your pets could cause to our cleaners so please prevent this from    possibly happening to one of our staff members.

  • * We value our the privacy of our clients. We will not discuss our clients, your homes,                  belongings or private matters with anyone. However, please be sure that any confidential          documents or substances are put away before the cleaning team arrives.